Technical Papers

Research Papers [Papers]

1. Atmospheric Pressure Linear Microwave Plasma for Surface Treatment of Materials (H. Shindo, H. Kuwahata and M. Isomura, J. Vac. Soc. Jpn. 60, 105(2017)).,

2. A New Floating-Probe for Measurement of Insulated Plasma Produced by Radio-Frequency Power(Y. Taniuchi, T. Yamada, M. Isomura and H. Shindo, Jpn. J. Appl. Phys., 51, 116101 (2012)).,

3. Silicon Trench Oxidation in Downstream of Microwave Oxygen Plasma (S. Takahashi and H. Shindo, Jpn. J. Appl. Phys., 50, 066201 (2011)).

4.Development of Large-Scaled Line Plasma Source by Microwave(Invited)[in Japanese](H.Shindo, J. Plasma Fusion Res. Vol.87, PP18−23(2011)

5. A New Method of Line Plasma Production by Microwave in a Narrowed Rectangular Waveguide(Y.Kimura, H.Kawaguchi, S.Kagami, M.Furukawa and H.Shindo, Applied Physics Express, 2, 126002-1-126002-3 (2009))

6. Mode Transition Enhancement by Permittivity of Window Materials in Low Frequency Plasmas, Y.Jimbo, Y.Kitamura, K.Kusaba, M.Kikuchi and H.Shindo, 016001 200910,1143/APEX.2.016001

7. A New Emissive Probe Method to Measure the Electron Temperature in Radio-Frequency Plasmas, K.Kusaba and H.Shindo, Review of Scientific Instruments, 78/12, 123503-1 2007

8. High Aspect Ratio SiO_2 Etching with Hgih Resist Selectivity Improved by Addition of Organicisilane to Tetrafluoroethyl Frifluoromethyl Ether (HFE 227) [in Japanese], CHINZEI Yasuhiko , OZAWA Masanori , KIKUCHI Toshiaki , HORIOKA Keiji , SHINDO Haruo , ICHIKI Takanori , HORIIKE Yasuhiro, Journal of the Vacuum Society of Japan 41(8), 685-691, 1998-08-20

Conference Papers [International]    

1.High-Aspect Silicon Trench Oxidation in Downstream of Surface-wave Oxygen Plasma(Y. Taniuchi and H. Shindo, Proc. Of 58th International Symposium of American Vacuum Society, Nashville, USA, P80-80 (2011))

2.Large-Scaled ECR Line Plasma Production by Microwave in a Narrowed Rectangular Waveguide(H. Shindo, Y. Kimura and T. Hirao, Proceedings of 18th International Conference on Gas Discharges and Their Applications, Greifswald, Germany, pp.422-425 (2010)).


1.Research of New Plasma sources and Diagnostics, H. Shindo, 61th Spring Meeting of Japan Society of Applied Physics, Abstract 18a-E9-1(2014, March 18th)(Invited)



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