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  Plasma sources

(1)Large-Scaled Line Plasma Source by Microwave in Narrowed Rectangular Waveguide
The source is several meter in length and line-shaped plasma, available for large area material processing. The plasma production is possible in low pressures to even in atmospheric pressure. In the source, an enlarged wavelength property of waveguide mode is employed, producing a long uniform line-shaped plasma in several meter's.

(2)VHF Surfacewave After-Glow Plasma Source in Low Temperature
EThe surfacewave travelling along the discharge tube has an lower limit of electron density below which the wave cannot travel anymore, so that the power is interrupted there. Thus an after-glow plasma appears just underneath the interruption point( so-called resonance point). One can expect, therefore, that the after-glow becomes low electron temperature plasma, available for advanced material processing such as Monolayer Eching, Layer-by Layer Etching and Atomic Layer Deposition(ALD). A preliminary test in O2 gas has shown that the electron temperautre is disruptively reduced in downstream and the optical emission line OI coresspondingly decays, indicating that the after-glow plasma is produced there. This interrution point is changed depending on the materials of discharge tube and the frequency as well. Therefore, the source may be suitable to advanced material processing in next generation.